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Shower Installation in Arlington Requires Our Expert Methods

As part of a bathroom improvement, you may require a shower installation in Arlington. It's one of the more complex and involved parts of this type of project, and you want to have it handled by a professional. With what goes into finding the proper shower and features, the plumbing connections, and securing the stall, it's typically not something a homeowner can complete independently.

Arlington Bathroom Remodeling & Design has a crew of experienced shower installers on the team that has installed hundreds of showers. We start by meeting with you to determine what you want for a final result, and then we design the shower installation of your dreams. The initial consultation is free, and there are design experts that meet you in our showroom or at your location available for same-day appointments.

As a business that believes in putting customers first, we do what's convenient for you. You can feel comfortable with our contractors working in your home because they are the same individuals we would want doing our own shower remodeling work.

Before you start your search for a shower installation company near you, call and give us an opportunity to show you what we can do!

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The Luxurious Shower Installation in Arlington You've Always Wanted

Have you started to calculate the cost of a shower installation in Arlington? When it's part of a complete shower remodel, you can expect to pay somewhere between $2,300 to $9,000. It's quite the range, but there are a lot of determining factors. For instance, a more economical acrylic stall can be acquired for as little as $750, but the cost increases if you want another, more expensive material like tile.

When weighing out the pros and cons of having the service done, you should know what benefits come along with it. It's so much more than just having a new shower to wash up in:

  • Improves safety and comfort
  • Greater overall efficiency
  • Ability to add innovative and energy-efficient features
  • Saves money on utility bills
  • Increases the value of the home

Did you know that a shower remodel increases the value of your property by up to 10%? It's almost like having the update done for free. Find out what your options are by calling to speak to our customer care team now!

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When is it Time to Get a New Shower Installed?

You've been thinking about a shower installation in Arlington for a while now, so what's holding you back from starting the work? Of course, you want to get the most out of your existing shower so that you're not wasting what you've already invested in. However, sometimes you can't avoid the home improvement any longer. 

Watch for these signs, and know that it's time for a shower installation now:

  • Rust on the metal door handles, hinges, and other hardware
  • Glass that's discolored
  • Doors that won't close properly
  • Water pooling on the floor when the shower is used
  • Cracks, chips, or other visible damages

Not only do these problems cause a headache, but it also costs you money as well. It's a small price to pay for what you'll get in return, so call our shower installers now.

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Our Shower Installers Work Efficiently & Treat You Right!

You're inviting Arlington Bathroom Remodeling & Design into your home, and you deserve the best treatment possible. Our guys are respectful, and they make sure that you stay fully informed of everything that's taking place while we're there. Some of the benefits of choosing us include:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Financing options
  • 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED
  • Lifetime limited warranties

If you'd like to learn more about shower installation or any bathroom remodeling work, don't forget to check out our blog. Then, give us a call to get your project in motion.



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Your Full-Service Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Are Standing By

There aren't any two jobs for bathroom remodeling in Arlington that are identical. All of our customers have their own unique tastes and style preferences. We make sure to give each one the personal attention and time necessary to find exactly what they're looking for. You can arrange a meeting with one of our design consultants with no charge and no obligation to contract with us.

It allows you to see what's available in terms of everything from tile to flooring, cabinets, countertops, and everything else found in your bathroom. If you want it removed, renovated, or replaced, we're the bathroom contractors to get it done. When you're ready, call, email, text, or fill out the convenient online form to request an appointment.

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